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The following Links provide more information relating to privatisation and how it could affect Sydney Ferries:

Visit the Sydney Ferries site to see how performances have improved

History of Sydney Ferries

A look back at some fantastic images of the early Sydney Ferries through to present day in a PowerPoint presentation. Shows images for the Harbour Bridge being built. Enjoy!

Anti-privatisation - interviews with Ferry employees and passengers

Go to youtube for clips on “Save Our Sydney Ferries”. There you will find several items that relate to anti-privatisation

“Safe in Public Hands” – anti-privatisation song

Performed by The Balmain Ukulele Club

A view from a commuter

Interview with Ferry commuter supporting the public ownership of the Ferries

SOSF Campaign Launches

Save our Sydney Ferries campaign was officially launched on 25th August 2009 by Jack Mundey

Ferrie Worker Speaks

Ferry workers speak out about the issue of privatisation facing the Sydney Ferry Service

Privatisation threats

Sydney Ferries workers and passengers comment on the threat of privatisation

Public Services Not Private Profit.

This site explains what has happened in the UK following the privatisation of many publicly owned bodies. Lots of interesting material listed under “Articles”.

Public Ownership

The Greens Party is totally opposed to the privatisation of the Ferries. Follow the link to “Public Ownership”.

Public Transport - The Answer

Putting the Public Interest Back into Public Transport” – A Report to the Victorian Community.
An excellent site detailing the pitfalls of privatisation. Read how the privatisation of public transport in Victoria has led to overspending and public dissatisfaction.

John Pilger has his say

An interview with internationally known author, journalist and social commentator, John Pilger stating why the Ferries should not be privatised.

Ferry Calendar's for Sale. Great Christmas Idea!

Looking for something different for someone for Christmas. Why not a calander with beautiful images of Sydney Harbour and our own Ferries in action. Visit RedBubble for more info.

The Maritime Union Speaks

The Maritime Union of Australia is strongly opposed to the proposed privatisation of the Ferries. The MUA site has many articles and important links that relate to the dangers associated with privatisation.

The Maritime Union of Australia have published an up to date article (June 2009) on Ferry privatisation

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