The Voice of the Community heard by the Premier.

Common sense has prevailed and the Premier has listened to the community of NSW in deciding to maintain public ownership of Sydney Ferries.

“This is a tough decision, but it is the right one. Over the last few weeks, I have listened to the community and responded. We believe the decision to keep Sydney Ferries in public hands is in the best interests of Sydneysiders,” Ms Keneally said on 22nd December.

A wonderful Christmas present for the people of NSW and for all those who have supported the SOS Ferries Campaign / Gotta Love Sydney Ferries Campaign. Many people and organisations have worked tirelessly towards public transport being recognised as a right and not a privilege.

Congratulations to everyone involved. But, “a week is a long time in politics” as someone once said. Pressure must be maintained on governments to ensure that public transport stays “Safe in Public Hands”.


The NSW Government is seriously considering privatising Sydney Ferries. Two multinational private companies are now tendering for the right to run Sydney Ferries. If one wins the tender, control of the Ferries would no longer be with the people of NSW.

What privatisation could mean

Fares could increase while services could be cut. A private operator must make a profit for its shareholders. This means the NSW taxpayer could be subsidising a foreign company at the expense of Sydney Ferry users. Profits from the Ferries would disappear overseas at a great cost to our community.

Why privatise?

Privatisation is a way of ‘freeing up’ money and enhancing the Government’s ‘bottom line’ to reduce budget shortfall. The Government isolates assets like the Ferries that have been paid for by the taxpayer over many years, and sells them off to private investors. (See Privatisation).

What has the Government sold already?

The NSW Government has already sold the TAB; the State Bank; the GIO; the Government Printing Office and the Homebush Abattoir.

What's next?

State Lotteries; Sydney Ports; NSW Maritime; Prisons and Sydney Ferries might be next in line for privatisation.

What you can do

The community of NSW stopped the sale of Electricity to the private sector. The voice of the community was loud and clear. Public assets should stay in Public Hands. The Government had to listen to you.
In the 2009 Budget the Government said it would favour local industry and suppliers as a way of keeping jobs and stimulating the economy.

Send a message to the NSW Government that Sydney Ferries must stay as an integral part of our Public Transport System. Sydney Ferries are NOT FOR SALE. Send your protest now. (See What you can do).

The Special Commission of Inquiry into Sydney Ferries (The Walker Report), 2007 examined the state of the Ferries and made recommendations about action which could be taken to improve the ability of Sydney Ferries to provide safe, efficient and customer focused ferry services. One of the recommendations was that the Government ask the private sector to become involved in the running of the Ferries.

The Government has already sold the TAB, the State Bank, the GIO, the Government Printing Office and the Homebush Abattoir. It has tried to sell Electricity to the private sector but the NSW community sent a resounding message to the Government that it was not acceptable. The voice of the community was loud and strong. The Government had to listen.

Other taxpayer owned assets in the Government’s sights are State Lotteries, Forests NSW, WSN Environmental Solutions, Sydney Ports, NSW Maritime and Sydney Ferries. We must act now to stop the sell off! Our community must send a message to the Government of NSW that community assets such as the Ferries are not for sale and must stay safe in public hands.

In the recent State Budget it was announced that the State would favour local suppliers as a way of keeping jobs and stimulating the economy. The two companies currently circling the Ferries, Trans Dev and Veolia, are both multinationals. This means that Our community must act now. Send a message to the Government: Sydney Ferries belong to the people of NSW and are not for sale!

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